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3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna)

3rd Eye Chakra vibrates the color: Violet 🔮

The ancient Sanskrit name for the 3rd Eye Chakra is “Ajna”. It is located at the brow between the eyes. The chakra is related to the ability to see clearly, both physically and intuitively. It opens our psychic abilities and enables us to see the truth in all situations. It in Enhances our intuition, imagination, visualization and insight. When the 3rd eye is open and in balance our intuition deepens, our awareness expands and our dreams can bring us messages that unveils hidden truths. We remember things a lot more easily and our minds become calm and at peace. We may even see visions of the spirit world and experience an awakening of our psychic abilities. It is through the third eye that we envisage the world with greater clarity and perceive it from a place of spiritual truth.

Relates to:



•psychic development


•clarity and awareness

•deepening intuition

•spiritual insight


•calm mind

•good memory

•awakened imagination

Cleansing & Balancing the 3rd Eye Chakra: sit or lie comfortably and place a Amethyst Crystal in your hand or on your 3rd eye. Imagine a violet ray of light flowing into your third eye chakra...cleansing and balancing, bathing and spiraling this energy deep within to dissolve blockages and stale energy. As the light continues to flow into your chakra, feel it expand and hold this powerful energy. Feel your intuition deepening and your consciousness expand, allowing you to see clearly as you connect with your psychic gifts and awareness, with ease and grace.

Affirmation: My third eye is fully open and I see clearly in all aspects of my life.

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