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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The Crown Chakra vibrates the color: White 🤍

The ancient Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is “Sahasrara”. It is located at the top/crown of the head. This chakra is aligned to our spiritual her virtues and it’s where we attain pure union with our “ I AM” presence and GOD source-The connection to the higher realms, worlds and dimensions. The God source Is a place of timeless, spaceless, all knowing, all loving connectedness. It is where our soul and the divine energy become defined into individuality and reflect our souls purpose. It brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding and spiritual connection. It reflects our desire for union with our Higher Self and the light of the universe/creator. Our divine wisdom and knowledge sits in the chakra and when we are Open and balanced, we experience the clarity, Bliss and union to our “ I Am” presence. It is through our crown chakra that we feel whole and complete within ourselves.. and experience and express our divine light into the world.

Relates to:

•spiritual awakening

•I AM presence



•union with higher self

•connection with the God source

•divine knowledge and wisdom

•spiritual awareness


•oneness and wholeness

•enhancement of your ability to learn

•lightness of being

Cleansing & Balancing The Crown Chakra:

Sit or lay comfortably and place a selenite crystal in your hand or on your crown chakra. imagine pure white light streaming down from the universe into your crown chakra, allowing this energy to wash away anything blocking the divine flow of energy from the universe. Feel this energy bathe every single cell in your being. Allow it to flow through your crown and into your body, bringing pure light and consciousness into your reality. Feel your crown chakra become cleansed, balanced and open to receive divine wisdom of the cosmos.

Affirmation: My crown chakra is open and receptive to receive the divine light of the cosmos.. every single cell of my being is radiating love and life at its full potential.

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