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Earth Star Chakra

The earth star chakra resonates with the color BLACK🖤 It is located approximately 6 inches below the feet and aligns us with the heart of earth. It anchors our light and soul deeply into the planet, allowing us to feel supported, grounded and held on our journey. We feel deeply connected to the earth and her elements and are open and receptive to all the love, healing and nurturing she has to offer. When our Earth Star is clean and in balance, we feel a deep sense of self love and contentment. We feel completely connected and in harmony with nature, the trees, animals, plants and all other beautiful energies that live upon the earth. The world becomes a safe haven to live a life of love, joy and abundance.

Relates to:

•Rebirth. •Deep connection to Mother Earth. •Nurturing.

•Grounding. •Animal Spirit Guides. •Vitality. •Rejuvenation. •Stability.

Cleansing & Balancing The Earth Star Chakra- Lie comfortable and place a red Garnet crystal in your hand or under your feet. The energy from the crystal will support this process (you can still do this without a crystal). Close your eyes and IMAGINE two roots extending down from each foot. Send those roots deeply into the earth, all the way down into the heart of the earth.. the center. Take a moment to wrap your roots and energy around the heart of the planet. Earth becomes aware of your presence and sends you nurturing energy and grounding energy of love, light and healing. Breathe this light all the way back up to your roots, and through your feet then into your body. Take a few deep breath’s and inhale this energy into your heart. Now send this energy throughout your whole body, cleansing each and every sale, bringing you back to your optimal health. Align yourself deeply to the earth and activate your Earth Star Chakra.

Affirmation: I am deeply connected to the heart of the earth and I feel loved and supported in my life.

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