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Introduction to Chakras

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. The chakras have been studied and worked with in The Art of Healing for thousands of years. They are vortexes of energy in the etheric body. We each have thousands of chakras however most people work with the 7 Main chakras in the system which are located down the spine. We will be working with 9. The seven chakras are created when a large number of Meridian points cross at the same time, weaving a powerful vortex of light in color. The seven chakras are related to certain traits and aspects we attain through our life‘s journey, and they awaken and expand as we grow and experience life. The chakras indicate our evolution and growth on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. They are the focal point of life force-energy and they each have their own specific color vibration. When we nurture our chakras on a regular basis they began to radiate a brilliant light that creates balance on all levels of our being. When Energy gets blocked in the body, it creates an imbalance in our energy field or etheric body and affects the chakra system relating to that issue. When the chakras are blocked and out of balance, it can certainly bring a world of confusion and disharmony in to our day-to-day lives. A simple chakra balancing can bring an abundance of healing and wellbeing. It is quite easy to bring the chakras back to alignment through meditation, intention, color, crystals & energy healing.

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