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Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The base chakra resonates to the color RED♥️ The ancient Sanskrit name for the root chakra is Mulahadra. It is located at the base of the spine and represents our primary needs as a human being. It reflects our basic requirements to feel safe and to survive and thrive abundantly on the planet and within our community. Our primal instincts, stability and security sit in this energy center. When our base chakra is healthy it is much easier to trust ourselves and the flow of life. When we are in balance we feel centered, grounded and deeply connected to the earth, our community and all of life around us. We function in a productive way, which is then reflected in healthy boundaries and life choices that enhance our well-being on all levels. This chakra also represents our mater needs, our prosperity and financial flow. When we are open and functional in our route chakra we are able to anchor ourselves securely on the earth to receive the support and energy we need to feel safe and live a life of abundance.

Relates To: •Family •Balance h

•Holistic health a

•Abundance s



•Grounding s

•Survival •Instincts


•Material Needs



•Appropriate Boundaries

•Prosperity Stability


•Physical well-being



Cleansing & Balancing The Root Chakra:

Lie comfortably and place of Red Jasper or Hematite crystal in your hand or on your root chakra allowing its energy to support your process. Close your eyes and imagine the most vibrant color Red moving up from the earth. Bathe your chakra in this healing light, allowing it to dissolve any unwanted energy as it cleanses and brings your chakra back into balance and alignment. Now breathe and send the energy of the crystal into your base chakra and through your body as it rejuvenates and revitalize it every cell in your being.

Affirmation: My route chakra is balance and I follow with vitality, health and abundance.

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