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Soul Star Chakra

The soul star chakra vibrates the color: Gold 🌟

The soul star chakra is located about 6 inches above the crown chakra. It is our connection between the spiritual and physical, heaven and earth, and bridges the light of the soul into the physical body. It is where the soul or the spirit enters into the 3rd dimension, which is the physical reality of the conscious being. It is through the soul star that we connect to the divine wisdom of the universe and open up to the spirit realms and universal love and light. It is our connection to the angelic beings and ascended masters, who reside in the higher plane of existence. When our soul star chakra is open and in balance, we receive a pure and high vibrational divine love from the universe. We are able to connect strongly with the guidance from the angelic realm, ascended masters and light beings that are there to support and guide our journey. Deep soul healing occurs when the chakra is open and we experience a sense of inner peace and connectedness with the universe and all that is.

Relates to:

•Angels & Masters

•universal light

•divine wisdom

•soul healing


•light beings

•personal guides



Cleansing and Balancing the Soul Star Chakra:

Lie comfortably and place a clear quartz crystal in your hand or near your soul star chakra. Imagine a golden light streaming down from the heavens and entering your soul star chakra. Imagine these vibrations of pure light activating the soul star and strengthening your connection to the higher realms. Feel divine love pouring down through your soul star into your consciousness and allow it to vibrate through every cell of your being. Be as present with the process as possible and allow yourself to receive any divine guidance or messages that may come through for you at that time. Open, allow and feel your soul star chakra activate..create a clear and pure connection with a higher realms.

Affirmation: I am an open channel of divine light from the universe. I am deeply connected to this pure light of love.

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